MedWish International Sends Supplies to Clinic in Dominican Republic

MedWish International pic

MedWish International

After graduating with bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Akron in 2012, Seana Rutherford completed a master of nursing from Ursuline College in Pepper Pike, Ohio, in 2015. Aside from her work as a nurse practitioner at Premier Physicians in Fairview Park, Seana Rutherford donates to MedWish International.

Founded in 1993, MedWish International focuses on repurposing discarded medical supplies for developing countries. Last winter, a group of students from Lincoln-West High School in Cleveland carried over 110 pounds of MedWish’s materials in their backpacks to a free clinic in Veron in the Dominican Republic. The delivered supplies included items such as gauze, diapers, and baby formula.

Because the area struggles to supply sufficient clean water, electricity, and medical care to all its residents, Lincoln High School students have delivered aid to this section of Veron for over four years. In previous years, Lincoln students have provided aid relief for both schools and orphanages.